Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barbecue sauce ruins carpets

I've got a new story here about some high school mischief. Either somebody told me this story the other day, I dreamed it, or I'm just so hopped up on my arthritis medication that I imagined it. Or maybe I just don't give a shit where I heard it.

Somebody recently smuggled an old, spoiled, half-full bottle of barbecue sauce into class. They cracked the bottle along the base and secretly placed it on a shelf in the classroom.

Now the funny part: The sauce began leaking out of the base of the bottle, onto the shelf, down the front of the cabinet, and all over the carpeting. When it began leaking, the teacher already had all the students gathered at a nearby table, and her back was turned to the mess. She couldn't figure out why the kids were snickering.

Best of all, the spoiled barbecue sauce began to stink.

Stinking up the classroom with spoiled condiments is a great way to force class to be held outside on nice days.

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